This Coffee Body Scrub Gives You Soft and Delicious Smelling Skin

Image: Frank Body

Frank Body, I’m obsessed with you. If you haven’t heard of Frank Body, it’s an Australian based company that started with one coffee scrub and has expanded to a coffee-based skincare brand that’s all over social media.

As a lover of all things chocolate and coffee smelling, I had to try the Frank Body Cacao Coffee Scrub ($19). The key ingredients are coffee (obviously – all Frank Body products contain java!), cacao extract, almond oil, and macadamia oil. Coffee wakes up your skin and buffs away imperfects, cacao extract fights fine lines, almond oil hydrates and nourishes your skin, and macadamia oil makes you skin soft and silky.

Image: Frank Body

To use, take a handful of the product and massage it in circular motions all over your skin. Let it sit for two to three minutes and rinse it off. Use it three to five times a week depending on your individual needs and skin type.

Skip the scrub on days when you’re in a time crunch — it tends to take over the shower and will tack on extra time for clean up. If you’re worried about walking around smelling like a chocolate factory, don’t be. It doesn’t leave an overwhelming scent on your skin. You’ll have just a hint of deliciousness.

The website labels this scrubs as “tough,” but it’s not too abrasive. I have sensitive skin and am picky about the consistency of exfoliators, but the Cacao Coffee Scrub is the happy medium between too rough and not rough enough.

Image: Urban Outfitters

I’m seriously in love with this stuff. Not only is it vegan, paraben-free, and “only tested on babes,” but the smell is so amazing that right after I used it for the first time I bought a candle that smelled like it.

The hype around Frank Body products are real, and if you ask me, they’re worthy of it. The Cacao Coffee Scrub is “for babes who want to rub chocolate all over their body” and I am one of those babes.

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