Trader Joe’s Has Amazing Beauty Products

Amidst the “Two Buck Chuck” and cookie butter at Trader Joe’s, there’s a gold mine of skincare products you just have to add to your collection. Yes, you read that right. You can get all your favorite Trader Joe’s groceries and some beauty products at the same time.

I’ve always noticed Trader Joe’s had a small collection of soaps, moisturizers, and similar products, but to be honest, I didn’t think they would be any good. That was until I read an article that raved about their Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover Towelettes ($4).

I thought, if Trader Joe’s is hip enough to have micellar water wipes, then they have to have some other pretty amazing products. So I made a special trip to their beauty section to pick up some wipes and a few other products to put them to the test.

Image: Beauty Loon

For the micellar wipes, I can confirm that they are awesome. They passed the mascara removal test and left my face feeling fresh.

Image: The Impulsive Buy

The next product I tried was the Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub. I’m a big fan of sugar scrubs, so this one was basically a shoe-in. The scent is so good, I want them to make a candle with it. I also like that the sugar crystals are very fine and gentle on the skin. Another winner!

I also tried the Facial Cleansing Pads with Tea Tree Oil because I love face wipes (clearly) and tea tree oil is great for acne-prone skin. I didn’t use these to remove makeup since they seemed more like a treatment product than a cleanser. I swiped it all over my face, let it sit, and rinsed it off (per the instructions). I haven’t used them regularly enough to know if they really make a difference, but I do like them.

I would say that I’ve loved every beauty product I’ve tried so far from Trader Joe’s, so this review will surely be continued. And I always love passing by the beauty section to see if there are any fun new products to try.