This No-Mess Sheet Mask Is the Perfect Quickie Skin Boost

Whether they look like animals or they’re made of kelp, it’s clear that Team Mixed Makeup will try any sheet mask that lands on our desks. But let’s face it: for those of us multi-taskers, there’s nothing more first-world-problematic than a slimy mask that just won’t stay put during household chores. For instance, I’m a huge fan of those super-hydrating (and super-slippery) sheet masks, but I prefer to let my skin soak up the ingredients during my beauty rest — which means a quickie morning face mask isn’t always an option.

This is where Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask ($23) comes in. Made of a thin fabric, this product has a “revolutionary biomimetic delivery system” that promises smoother, brighter, hydrated skin while reducing wrinkles in just 15 minutes.

Since I’m already a fan of the celebrity makeup artist’s skin-quenching Magic Cream and brightening Wonder Glow primer, I was curious about her foray into the sheet mask world. The fact that the mask can be reused up to three times was especially intriguing.

Below, read all about my experience using this multitasker-friendly sheet mask, how it works, and (of course) the results.

Closeup of the mask’s texture.

First things first: this dry sheet mask is reusable, so it’s important not to throw away the resealable package. Second: don’t forget to keep the mask!

What the inner side looks like. How cute are those little CT monograms?

In addition to the soft texture, I loved the convenient ear loops on the mask. To apply it, you simply loop on the top, then the bottom, and then smooth it out over your skin. Next, you massage the mask onto your face to “activate” the ingredients. TBH, I was pretty skeptical: I was so used to the feeling of liquid ingredients that I couldn’t fathom how a dry piece of fabric would be effective at all. Luckily, I stuck to the plan in the name of skincare science.

You can’t tell, but I’m actually smiling underneath that mask.

I ended up wearing the mask for 20 minutes after getting sidetracked by some much-needed spring cleaning. It was comfy and breathable, and while I wish I could say I felt some magical tingling as the ingredients took effect, I’ll admit that those 20 minutes were pretty non-eventful. But don’t stop reading yet!

The real wow factor came after I took off the mask. I was surprised to feel a noticeable layer of product on my face, making my skin feel super soft and moisturized. Where my cheekbones had been slightly red and inflamed, the skin now seemed hydrated and calm. The ingredients were lightweight enough to feel comfortable with a layer of moisturizer and a bit of foundation powder before I headed out the door to start my day.

If those were the results from just one use, I’m looking forward to seeing my skin’s progress over the next couple of weeks with two more uses.

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