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Mixed Makeup, LLC is a new media and digital production company with a focus on high quality women’s content that bridges the gap between influencer blogs and traditional media publications. Our beauty, lifestyle, and parenting content inspires, educates, and entertains real women who want real, candid answers to their questions. 

Our Audience

We capture female viewers between the ages of 18 - 45 in major metropolitan areas, primarily in the US, UK and Canada.

43.8 million+ viewers reached. 3 million+ views per month. 625,000+ subscribers.

Meet the Team

Susan Yara Mixed Makeup

Founder of Mixed Makeup

Instagram Handle: @susanyara

Top 3 Beauty Essentials: Vitamin C Serum, Retinol Serum, and Botox

Fave Beauty Icon: Jennifer Lopez is the queen

Fave Wellness Trend: Drinkable collagen! I’ve been putting collagen in my smoothies, matcha lattes, etc.

Guiltiest Pleasure: French fries


Instagram Handle: @annafryxell

Nickname: Red

Top 3 Beauty Essentials: Micellar Water (Bioderma), Brow Gel (Glossier Boy Brow), Lactic Acid Exfoliators (Sunday Riley Good Genes)

Fave Beauty Icon: Marie Antoinette

Fave Wellness Trend: Collagen peptides in my matcha lattes

Guiltiest Pleasure: Watching pimple popping videos


Instagram Handle: @hannahgoodbar

Top 3 Beauty Essentials: Hydrating Serum/Moisturizer, Mascara, brow gel

Fave Beauty Icon: Kim K ALWAYS

Fave Wellness Trend: Digital Detoxes. I love stepping away from my phone and social media for as long as possible

Guiltiest Pleasure: Any and all reality TV, pop culture gossip + conspiracies

Olivia Hubschman Mixed Makeup

Instagram Handle: @livhubs

Nickname: Liv

Top 3 Beauty Essentials: Mascara, bronzer, chapstick

 Fave Beauty Icon: Adriana Lima but recently obsessed with Shay Mitchell

Fave Wellness Trend: plant-based errythang

 Guiltiest Pleasure: Watching Disney cartoons while scraping a jar of Nutella clean

Instagram handle: @carlyrivlin

Top 3 beauty essentials: Brow pencil, concealer, and lipstick

Fave Beauty Icon: Bad Gal Riri

Fave Wellness Trend: Meal prep. I am the queen

 Guiltiest Pleasure: HGTV and Broadway show tunes

Our Story

Susan Yara founded Mixed Makeup after countless positions in the media world. She began her career as an on-camera news reporter in NYC, then found herself in the digital world as a reporter and host at where she helped create the Forbes Video Network. Her media career continued at PEOPLE Magazine,, and PopSugar where she was an on-camera beauty reporter and producer. Her passion for beauty and wellness continued when she launched NewBeauty Magazine's editorial video department and relaunched Susan has produced and hosted videos featuring top beauty industry experts and products, while overseeing editorial content, social media and website strategy.

You can watch three popular shows on Mixed Makeup:

Beauty with Susan Yara



If you’re a parent, you can also watch Susan and The SASS co-host, Sharzad Kiadeh, share candid parenting conversations and empowering information with fellow moms and experts on the newest channel called FAM: For All Moms

Mixed Makeup, LLC produces our own YouTube content as well as videos for clients in the beauty, wellness, and lifestyle space.


At Mixed Makeup, we partner with brands to produce educational and entertaining content that we know our audience will love. All of our brand partnerships include pre-production, an expertly-produced studio shoot day, and post-production editing, music licensing and SEO optimization. From large-scale digital media plans to simple, quick-hitting social clips with sharability, we can create the content you need for your next campaign.