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Why Diet is the Key to Weight Loss | The Last 5

Why Diet is the Key to Weight Loss | The Last 5

As you all saw in the first episode, if you have a weight loss goal, diet makes up about 70 percent of it, while fitness is only about 30 percent. I don't know about you, but I wish it could be the other way around. See, I love nachos and I also enjoy working out, so it seems like a better deal to me. But as they say, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

With Christine's program, she gives you a guide of which foods to feast on, which ones to limit and which one's to eliminate completely, at least for the first 60 days. Basically, that means no dairy, no gluten and no processed sugar. The gluten and sugar didn't seem as much of an ordeal to me, but eliminating dairy made this "lifestyle change" I was embarking on feel real.

I can go without milk. I can go without yogurt. I can even go without ice cream. But I just love cheese. Whenever I'm at an Italian restaurant, I order the cheesiest thing possible and then I douse it with even more parmesan cheese. Yes, I'm that girl that makes the waiter grind the cheese for a slightly embarrassing amount of time. Truthfully, I like to have a little pasta with my cheese.

But you know what? I had a short mourning period, but eliminating cheese from my diet really hasn't been all that bad. I made Christine's zucchini lasagna recipe and part of it involves making a really delicious brazil nut cheese. No, it doesn't taste exactly like creamy ricotta or parmesan, but it does give me a bit of the tanginess that I love about cheese. And the whole thing just tastes so fresh and won't make you feel bloated like cheese normally does.

I also really love the "EvoEnergy" smoothie that's part of the program. It has this fun bright green color and it tastes really refreshing. There's just something about starting the day with a smoothie that makes every day feel like it's going to be a good day. (If you read my Bikini Cleanse experience, you'll know I missed having daily smoothies after it was over.)

Now, another hurdle I've had with the diet aspect of this program, is having roommates who aren't as health conscious. My refrigerator is filled with unhealthy options like pasta and pizza and ice cream. Imagine opening your fridge with the intention of having an apple, when you have a bag of cheese staring in your face. It's torture! In fact, on the day we shot the second episode, one of my roommates called to ask if I wanted anything from Taco Bell.

It's safe to say that the past few weeks have been the ultimate test of my will power. I've always succumbed to it in the past, but since I've made this public commitment, I've had to fight past it. And I'm proud to say that I've been really successful and it surprisingly has been liberating. I know that if I allow myself to have just one chip, then it'll turn into 20 (or more), so I just don't let myself have one and everything feels easier.

As for results, I really am starting to slim down. My clothes are a little less tight and a couple pounds have fallen off. This alone is excellent encouragement to keep going, but I've also noticed that my skin looks SO much better. It's clearer, looks healthier and I've been getting way less breakouts. I also feel more positive and have more energy. I'm a very happy camper at this point!

Watch episode two below to get some more nutrition pointers and also learn how to make a zucchini pasta AND homemade chocolate--yum! And once again, thanks for following me on this nutrition and fitness journey.

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