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The Best New Beauty Products and Trends from Cosmoprof 2015

The Best New Beauty Products and Trends from Cosmoprof 2015


When it comes to beauty, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. As Trendscounts for Cosmoprof North America, we roamed the huge convention center to find the most interesting new beauty products and trends. Here are a few of the highlights from our Twitter and Instagram:

Silk'n has created a handheld device that will help reduce cellulite. Yes, you read that right. CELLULITE. Sadly, it's not out yet and we don't have an exact date, but we're told it'll arrive in the very near future.

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Nail screens and nail stamps were a big trend at Cosmoprof, but we were most impressed by Caption Nails' offering. Watch the Instagram video below to see the brand president and nail expert Greg Salo demonstrate how to use it.

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Our skin is just as sensitive to what we put on it as what we consume. (Basically, dairy is the devil.) That's why ZSS Skincare has taken the nutrition approach when it comes to dealing with skin concerns. Right now, they have two different systems, one for radiant skin and one for clear skin. You take one packet of supplements every day and also use the serum it comes with. It's a super easy way to improve your skin!

We learned that chia seeds are difficult to work with when it comes to skincare, but Maya Chia has got it down. It's a good thing too because chia is thought of as the most powerful whole food antioxidants out there.

We've been seeing these peel off lipstains for a little bit, so we jumped at the chance to try it for ourselves. Cailyn Cosmetics has one that you paint on, let dry for 10 minutes, and then peel off. The stain lasts for about 10 hours and it's SO much fun to use.

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Then there were these Spoolies curlers. They're made of silicone and they're also heat resistant. You just wrap a section of dry hair around it and fold the top piece down to secure it. It's super easy to use and you get pretty curls. Watch the video below to see it in action.

There were so many more interesting and unique trends and products that we discovered at Cosmoprof this year, so be sure to check out our Twitter and Instagram to see it all!

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