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Pretty Updo: Add a Little Sparkle to Your Hair for the Holidays

Pretty Updo: Add a Little Sparkle to Your Hair for the Holidays


What's the easiest way to jazz up a hairstyle? Put some glitter on it! At least, that was my experience when I tried The Private Room's newly launched "Glitter Pop" service in Los Angeles.

I walked into the salon with my natural curly hair to see what magic Tina Dizon, salon owner and amazing hairstylist, could do with some hair tools and some glitter. Seriously though, this woman knows everything there is to know about hair. I always feel full of hair wisdom after an appointment with her.

To start, we chatted for a bit to decide what kind of hairstyle I wanted to do and then she wet my hair and blowdried it to smooth it out. Bye bye, crazy curls!

After my hair was successfully smoothed, she created a deep side part and braided the top section around to just below my other ear and braided it out to the end. She also left out little wisps of hair as she braided to give the look a more romantic vibe.

Then, she used a flat iron to curl all the little wisps she left out of the braid.

Next, she rolled up the braid into a low side bun and secured it with some bobby pins.

Once the hairstyle was complete, it was time for the glitter. For my hair, we decided to go with both gold and copper glitter.

She mixed a fine cosmetic grade glitter with some hair gel to create a glittery paste.

Then she used a hair color brush to paint the glitter mixture onto the hair wherever she wanted it.

And voilà! Here's the final look from all angles.

While it's super fun to roam about town with glittery hair, it is a bit messy. My clothes were covered in glitter by the end of the day. Still, I'd say it was totally worth it. People really loved my hairstyle and I think it's a unique idea for holiday parties. If you're in Los Angeles, stop by The Private Room to get in on the action. They can do practically any hairstyle you want with any color glitter you want--they even do stencils!

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