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New Year's Eve Makeup Idea: Gold Glitter Eyeliner

New Year's Eve Makeup Idea: Gold Glitter Eyeliner

Take your winged eyeliner to the next level for New Year's Eve! All you need is a little bling and you can do it with some gold glitter. Follow this step-by-step guide from makeup artist Nikki La Rose to get this winged gold glitter eyeliner look to ring in the new year.


Step 1: Prime your eyelids

If you want your look to last, this is a super important first step--especially if you have oily eyelids. Use a yellow-based primer like MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($22) in Soft Ochre to even out and neutralize your eyelids. This one goes on as a cream and dries to a powder finish, so you can start your eye makeup right away.

Step 2: Add depth to your eyes

Since the eyeliner is the star of the show, you need a subtle makeup base for it. You just want to add a little contour and depth. Start by applying MAC Eyeshadow ($16) in Soft Brown as your transitional color in your crease. Then use the same brush to apply a slightly darker color like MAC Eyeshadow ($16) in Cork and layer it over the first color, focusing towards the outer corner to add even more depth.

Step 3: Highlight your lids

Use a flat brush to apply MAC Eyeshadow ($16) in Brûlée on the lower half of the lid.

Step 4: Wing it out

Mix Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal ($21) with your liner to make it go on smoother and waterproof it so it doesn’t transfer or run. It’s also great because gel liner tends to dry out fast and this brings it back to life. 

Use a flat angle brush to apply the liner. Don’t try to do it all in one swoop because that rarely works out well.

Start by drawing a line across the lid starting from the outer corner and when you get to the inner corner flip your brush and bring it back out. For the wing, place your brush where the top and bottom lash lines meet and pull it directly out. Then fill in the little gap between the wing and the liner on your lash line. 

TIP: If you mess up the wing, take a really flat brush, dip it in eye makeup remover or concealer, and smooth out the line of the wing

If you need extra help, watch this video on how to apply winged eyeliner.

Step 5: Line your bottom lashes

Apply a black kohl liner on your bottom lash line just about a quarter in towards the inner corners and use a pencil brush to smudge it out. Top it with the same color you used on the crease and blend.

Step 6: Bling out your eyeliner

Now comes the fun part! Dip a super skinny pencil brush into an adhesive like Hollywood Lights Mixing Adhesive ($14) and dip that into your glitter of choice (we recommend a fine grade so it's soft of your skin). In this case, we used MAC Reflects Gold Pigment ($22). Then, simply re-line the glitter over the winged liner.

Here's the final look!


Check out more of Nikki's work on her Instagram at @makeupbynikkilarose.

Gold Glitter Eye Makeup for New Year's Eve!

Gold Glitter Eye Makeup for New Year's Eve!

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