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Where to Get Eyebrow Tinting In Los Angeles

Where to Get Eyebrow Tinting In Los Angeles

I have super blonde eyebrows and eyelashes--we're talking invisible blonde here. While some people, like Lady Gaga, bleach their eyebrows, I prefer mine to be visible. That means I resort to eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels to help me define them. (If you're a redhead, these are my favorite eyebrow products to use.) But recently, I tried eyebrow tinting and I'm never going back.


I've had eyebrow tinting before, but it was at a hair salon where the colorist dyed my eyebrows red to match my hair. That result was WAY too intense since I prefer my eyebrows to be more of a dark blonde color. So I was a little nervous to try it again with eyebrow guru Kristie Streicher at her and her sister's salon Striiike in Beverly Hills, CA.

All that fear quickly disappeared after I started chatting with Kristie. Before she did anything, we discussed how I like my eyebrows and then she gave her creative suggestions. We decided on a dark blonde color and then she went to work. She applied the brow tint, let it sit until it was done processing, and wiped it off. It was that simple.

This is the end result with a little extra glam from the other Streicher sisters, Jenn and Ashley.


The color was absolutely perfect and I loved how low maintenance they were. I honestly didn't need to do anything to them for a couple weeks besides brush them a little. After a couple weeks, the color started to fade, but it was still an upgrade from my natural ghostly hairs.

Since then, I regularly get my brows tinted and I've even branched out into lash tinting too! It's one of the best beauty decisions I've ever made. I love that I can take all my makeup off at the end of the day and still have a little definition and color. And honestly, I feel more comfortable not wearing makeup around my boyfriend because of it, which is a win-win.

What are your best beauty hacks? Let me know in the comments!

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