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How A Serum Newbie Solved Her Dry Skin Woes

How A Serum Newbie Solved Her Dry Skin Woes

At 20, my skincare routine is extremely minimal. Although I've never had to worry about acne, my skin can get extremely dry at times — and due to the changing weather, now is one of those times. In an effort to find a solution for my dry skin, I recently dove into the world of serums and see what the hype was all about.

I opted for a few different serums, hoping to get rid of my patchy, dry skin. My morning skincare routine began with washing my face with my normal cleanser, Neutrogena's Oil Free Wash. After cleansing, I put the serums to the test, and then I would end with a Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF.


The first serum I tried was Sonage Vitality Nourishing Serum ($34), which promises to increase blood circulation, oxygenate, and energize fatigued skin. I immediately noticed a citrusy fragrance, which didn't bother me — in fact, I almost felt like I was in a spa.

Although I was not used to the consistency of the serum (which felt extremely oily), my face did feel and look extremely soft and refreshed each morning after using it for almost three weeks. I've gotten used to the consistency of the product, especially because it keeps my skin hydrated all day.

Argan Face Serum

Another daytime serum, the Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum ($24.99) deeply hydrates and replenishes skin, brightens skin, and smoothes out skins texture and evens tone. I was really excited to try this product because of its promise to hydrate my skin. I didn't find much of a difference in moisturization of my skin the first few days, but I was told that I looked "like I was glowing" — so that was definitely a plus.

After using this serum pretty consistently for about three weeks, my skin feels and looks more hydrated. I find myself reaching for this product almost every day. The lack of intense smell makes the serum feel more refreshing and the promise of an organic product on my skin makes me feel more comfortable and trusting of the serum.

Night Restoring Serum

At night, I used Skin Laundry's Restoring Night Serum. This product felt a lot more matte on my skin than the other two. Its promise to brighten, tighten and boost collagen took second place to how soft it made my skin feel every night. The formula was extremely gentle on my skin, which felt clean and fresh. I almost couldn't stop touching my face, and I believe this product is responsible for my dewy glow.

As far as the scent, the smell was very soothing and not overwhelming in the slightest. The product does contain retinol, so remember to use SPF every single day when using it. At $50, Skin Laundry's serum is a little pricier than the other two, but the benefits make it well worth it.

Overall, my experience with serums was pretty eye-opening. Yes, it added a lot of steps and more time into my skincare routine, but in the end they helped me solve my dry skin issues.

I don't think the serums necessarily changed the way my skin looked in the short amount of time I've been using them; however, they changed how I felt about my skin and how I treat it. After putting in the extra maintenance, my skin is no longer as dry and patchy, and my makeup goes on a lot smoother. Serums are extremely beneficial to everyone (regardless of age!) and I recommend them to anyone else who wants to dip their toes into the world of serums and anti-aging treatments.

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