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Liquid Nose Jobs, Dermaplaning, and More of Our Top YouTube Videos of 2016

Liquid Nose Jobs, Dermaplaning, and More of Our Top YouTube Videos of 2016


Oh 2016, where have you gone? As we approach the last day of the year, let's take a look back at the skincare treatments, surgical procedures, and other beauty experiments that intrigued YouTube viewers the most. But first, a recap! In addition to launching Mixed Makeup Wellness earlier this year, we added a new show to our lineup: PLASTIC with Karan Dhir, MD, which highlights surgical and non-surgical treatments with the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. We also kicked off season three of The SASS with Sharzad and Susan (or The SASS with Susan and Sharzad!), where we covered a ton of pregnancy-friendly topics from facials and float therapy to spray tans and yoga.

On that note, check out our 10 most popular videos of the year below!

#10. Astrology Manicures: 210K+ views

Knowing which colors complement your skin tone is important — but what about the shades that best fit your star sign? Sharzad and Susan astrology manicures at stylish nail studio Enamel Diction, where color astrologist Rose Theodora showed The SASS ladies their power colors.

#9. A Single Treatment to Repair Damaged Hair: 226K+ views

One treatment to fix split ends and dry locks may sound too good to be true, but ladies of The SASS found it at Beverly Hills hair salon The Private Room. They got their manes repaired with L'Oréal Professionel Pro Fiber Treatment, which only costs $35 to $50 per session and results in silky, soft hair.

#8. A Treatment That Erases Stretch Marks: 230K+ views

One of the most common concerns we're asked about is getting rid of stretch marks — and we found a solution at Kate Somerville Clinic in West Hollywood. We took Style Editrix blogger and then-new mama Ashley Fultz to try EndyMed's stretch mark removal treatment on her post-pregnancy scars. Watch the video above to see how it works and check out her results after one month.

#7. Lasering Away a Tramp Stamp with The SASS: 289K+ views

Got a tramp stamp that you regret? Don't we all — which is why The SASS visited Laser Away to try a tattoo removal procedure.

#6. An LA Makeup Artist Gets a Liquid Nose Job: 299K+ views

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Kasia wanted to rejuvenate her face without looking like she "got work done" — so she visited Dr. Karan Dhir, MD for some subtle treatments. She got a liquid nose job, lip enhancement, and a little Botox to treat crow's feet — see the results an learn more about all of the procedures in the second episode of PLASTIC above.

#5. Our Favorite Korean Beauty Products: 300K+ views

The Korean beauty world is always ahead of the curve when it comes to skincare, so Susan Yara tried four of the best products out there. Watch the episode of The Cut above to discover a product that promises to eliminate blackheads and more.

#4. The SASS Freezes Away Fat with Coolsculpting: 400K views

We all get that stubborn fat that won't go away even after diet and exercise, which is where Coolsculpting comes in! Sharzad tried the treatment on her post-pregnancy pounds over a period of 10 months at Los Angeles dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD — watch the video above to see how it went.

#3. Rhinoplasty Surgery on PLASTIC with Karan Dir, MD: 1 million views

If there's one thing viewers were nosy about, it was 17-year-old Savannah's rhinoplasty surgery on our very first episode of PLASTIC. Unhappy with the results of a past procedure by a different doctor, Savannah decided to go to Beverly Hills-based facial plastic surgeon Karan Dhir, MD to correct issues that began with a nose fracture. See her before and after in the video above.

#2. The SASS Gets Waxed with Sugar: 1.2 million views

What's thousands of years old and leaves your skin smooth and hair-free? Sugar waxing! Susan and Sharzad tried this ancient hair removal method at Beverly Hills skincare studio Sugared and Bronzed.

#1. The SASS Tries Dermaplaning: 2.1 million views

Facial shaving isn't just for men, as our down-for-(almost)-anything hosts discovered at Stacked Skincare in Los Angeles. Susan and Sharzad tried dermaplaning, which uses a scalpel to shave off dead skin and hair.

Which ones were your favorites? Let us know in the comments and tell us what beauty and skincare treatments you'd love to learn more about in 2017!

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