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These Nail Polishes Have Never Let Our Editors Down

These Nail Polishes Have Never Let Our Editors Down


There's something about how a fresh coat of nail polish can immediately make you feel put together and add an extra spring in your step. That's why we asked the Mixed Makeup staff to share their favorite shades! Read on to find out what they are and share your favorite in the comments below.

Susan Yara, Founder

My nails have been neglected a lot lately—between work and having a new baby, I haven’t had the time to keep up with regular manicures. That’s why my go-to nail color lately is Orly Breathable Treatment + Color ($9) in Rehab. It’s a soft pink that looks pretty, yet professional, but best of all, doesn’t stand out if you have chipped nails or a color refresh. Plus, the polish formula contains argan oil and vitamins B5 and C, so it nourishes your nails and doesn’t require a base coat or top coat. That means you can apply it quickly and it lasts for a surprisingly long time (my average is about 4-5 days with it on). You can see the color in action because I wore it in my Bobby Pin Hacks video

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Danielle Directo-Meston, Editorial Director

Whenever I face a nail color conundrum in a time crunch, my go-to is Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Polish ($18) in "Rita 172." It's a deep red shade that goes with everything and has a glossy finish that instantly adds a luxurious finishing touch to any outfit. It looks perfect after just three quick coats, doesn’t need a top coat, and dries super fast—which is especially appreciated because I’m always in a rush.

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Anna Fryxell, Associate Producer

I go through phases where I get addicted to gel nail polish, but I also am aware of how bad they can be for your nails. That's why I like to give my nails "gel polish vacations" to let them breath for a bit. I usually just leave them bare, but then I discovered Orly Breathable Treatment + Color Nail Polish. It's made with the same technology as contact lenses that lets your nails breath even with polish on. I love this shade called "Give me a Break" – it's a punchy pop of color that makes me feel happy.

Carly Rivlin, Assistant Producer

I am constantly painting my nails and love trying new nail polish shades. That being said, I can be a creature of habit and stick to my chosen few favorites. Ultimately, my gut always goes for the shade "Wicked" by Essie Nail Polish ($9), although "Chinchilly" and "Smokin' Hot" (both also by Essie) are a close second and third. Whenever I don't know what color I want, I instinctively reach for Wicked. The plum-burgundy shade works on any skin tone and with any look.

Image: @danasnailart

Hannah Goodbar, Intern

When looking for a nail polish, my eyes automatically go to Essie! I love how their colors go on smoothly and how long they last! Recently, my go-to has been Muchi, Muchi. It's a simple light pink that looks great on everyone and is so pretty! 

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