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Four Reasons Why You Should Only Wash Your Hair Once A Week

Four Reasons Why You Should Only Wash Your Hair Once A Week


Fact: unless you've got some serious sweat, daily showers are unnecessary. (Did we mention hot showers are also a no-no?) Dermatologists agree that soaping up every day can strip your skin of much-needed oils and "immune system-supporting bacteria," according to TIME magazine — and the same also goes for your hair. Another fact? Washing your hair too often actually makes it more greasy. Our scalp overcompensates for being too dry by producing even more oil. It's the same reason why many dermatologists recommend not over-washing your face: our skin may become too dry and irritated, thus creating more oil to balance itself out and causing more clogged pores and breakouts in the process.

But back to hair: the good news is that most of us can actually train our scalps to not produce as much oil, and the answer is (you guessed it!) by skipping the daily shampoo and conditioner.By giving our locks more time to breathe between washes, we can train our scalp to produce less oil over time.

If a healthier scalp isn't enough of a reason to put down that shampoo, here are a few more reasons to wash your hair once a week:

You'll save more money: By using your products less, you'll also stretch your shampoo and conditioner (and the dollars you spent.) This may seem like a no-brainer, but your wallet will thank you when you're spending less on haircare and that water bill.

You'll save more time: We're not rocket scientists or anything, but cutting out those frequent washes also shaves off minutes from your already time-consuming beauty routines. You could spend that time tidying up around the house, but let's get real: it'd be much better spent squeezing in another episode of Black Mirror. (Seriously, have you watched it yet?)

Your blowout will last longer: Sure, that Monday blowout probably only cost you around $50, but why not make it last 'til Friday? In a recent episode of The Cut, Susan Yara makes the case for washing your hair once a week and getting the most out of that blowout.

Below, check out the first three steps of Susan's five-day hair regimen, then watch the full video for the rest!

Day 1: Start with a fresh blowout using zero — yup, zilch! — product. A clean mane keeps dirt away. If you decide to curl your hair and need something to keep it all in place, opt for a light mist of hairspray.

Day 2: Give your hair a boost curling iron to add waves, then evenly apply smoothing oil to tame fly-aways.

Day 3: If your hair's falling flat by now, give your roots a quick blow-dry to help spread out oil. Then, use texturizing spray to bring your tresses back to its second-day feel.

Finally convinced? Shop our favorite dry shampoo products from the video below!


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