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Must-Have Beauty Products for Single Ladies Who Stay the Night

Must-Have Beauty Products for Single Ladies Who Stay the Night

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We all know it sucks to spend the night at a guy’s place, only to wake up with the night’s smokey eye smeared on your face and no toothbrush to combat that killer vodka breath you worked up. You need the right beauty products at all times, whether you planned to stay over or it happened spontaneously. After all, the dating scene can be hard to navigate, and you don’t need one more obstacle in your way. Let’s walk through a typical single lady scenario:

You’re on a dinner date with a guy you’ve been flirting with. After multiple glasses of wine, it becomes obvious the night won’t end at the restaurant. So here you are in an Uber, headed to his place, or maybe some bar down the street. While in the backseat, you make a silent vow that you will only stay a few more hours and then head home.

And…then you don’t. Because if the date goes well, and continues to go well, there’s a good chance you’ll spend the night. You go, girlfriend! You’re a liberated woman.

Since you can’t pull up to a date with an overnight duffel bag, it helps to prepare a single ladies utility bag. One that includes all of the purse-sized products you need, so you don’t have to raid his bathroom cabinets in secret. Scroll down to find the beauty products I’ve used as a single lady in this situation. Each are tried, true, and most importantly, morning-after approved:

yuni shower sheets

When you can’t shower, this product is your savior. Each sheet is the size of an extra-large cleansing cloth and includes ingredients like neem, citrus, and peppermint, which are all naturally antibacterial. Plus, it makes you smell fresh in case he wants to come in for a close-up one more time.

Confession: I also use these sheets when I’m too lazy to shower at home. ($15)


It’s safe to say you won’t smell nice the next morning. If you are in desperate need of a French shower, these travel “petals” from Pinrose are an easy fix. The scent is already pre-measured on the cloth wipe, so there’s no risk in going overboard. There are 14 different scents to choose from, so start with the travel pack so you can pick your favorite. ($24)


There are many different ways to use activated charcoal in your beauty routine and freshening up your current hair situation is one of them. IGK (my favorite hair brand of the moment) recently launched individual dry shampoo sheets infused with charcoal to rid your scalp of excess oil. I’ve also noticed it helps smooth your strands if you’re dealing with any flyaways or frizz too. ($18)


I never remove all of my makeup when I stay the night. Why? Because it’s too complicated. Instead, I prefer to salvage whatever makeup look I have from the night before. These makeup eraser sticks from Almay provide a foolproof precision to fix only what you need fixed. In my experience, this product works wonders for tackling last night’s eye makeup that’s made its way halfway down your cheek. ($4.99)


This might seem excessive, until he asks if you want to get brunch the next morning. A puffy face from a night out drinking isn’t pretty, especially if you get dark circles like me. That’s why I love using my jade roller. It’s the quickest way to boost circulation in your skin and drain out some water retention, so you get a brighter complexion within a few minutes.

If you’re unfamiliar, using a jade roller is like giving yourself a facial massage. Roll it on your skin in a downward motion, anywhere from your forehead to your neck. I like to concentrate on my under-eye area and right above my eyelid. ($6.99)


I've been using this concealer for years and it's never let me down. I love it because the buildable coverage is great for a touch-up when you already have product on from the night before. If you’re not sure about which concealer you should carry, it comes down to this: the light and creamier the texture, the less it will crease and cake when you need to re-apply. ($13)


For natural color, Tata Harper’s Volumizing Lip Tint in Very Naughty is my go-to. The berry sheen can also be used as a natural-looking blush, so you can declare you woke up like this and he’ll have no choice but to believe you. Just dab a bit on your finger, apply it to your cheekbones, and blend! ($36)


Ugh, morning breath has a different feeling when you’re in bed with someone else. Always pack a mini toothbrush so you don’t have to resort to the finger plus toothpaste routine. 

Also, LUSH—everyone’s favorite store to compulsively smell bath bombs and soap bars—carries a mouthwash in tablet form. These “toothy tabs” are made of antibacterial essential oils that work together to freshen up your mouth. Just pop one in your mouth, take a sip of water, and let it fizz. After 30 seconds, swish and spit. I always keep a few tablets in my purse, just in case. ($10.95)


A spritz of skin mist always breathes new life into my face, especially this mist from Tatcha. It’s a staple because it refreshes my skin and does a great job at setting whatever makeup I was able to save from the night before. ($20)

What's in your "just-in-case" bag? Comment below! 

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