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Are You Guilty Of These Bad Beauty Habits? Here's How to Break Them

Are You Guilty Of These Bad Beauty Habits? Here's How to Break Them

We’ve all been under the covers in bed, warm and cozy like a human burrito, only to realize: Sh*t, I haven’t taken my makeup off yet. So, you get out of bed, trudge to the bathroom, and cleanse the day away. Or, you do what I do: Tell yourself you'll get up in five minutes and then never do.

Regardless, we all have bad beauty habits. It may not seem like a big deal, but certain habits cause more damage than you would think. Read on to see if you identify with any of these 8 bad beauty habits:

#1 For the people who go to sleep without washing their face or removing their makeup: 

There's a reason we call it "beauty sleep." During those hours of shut-eye, the body works to repair damage in the skin from the sun, pollution, and free radicals. If you leave your makeup on, it interferes with this process by trapping dead skin cells below the surface. Not only can this lead to clogged pores and acne, sleeping with your makeup on can actually age you from a dull and rough complexion. 

I leave micellar cleansing water makeup wipes on my nightstand. That way, I'm able to remove my makeup in the comfort of my bed. No more excuses!

#2 For the people who never moisturize their neck: 

In the words of the late Nora Ephron, “We all look good for our age. Except for our necks.” It’s true: Go ahead and inject as much Botox and filler in your face as you want, but if you don’t moisturize your neck, none of that will matter (unless you get a neck lift, of course.)

That's because the skin on our neck is thin and delicate. The thinner the skin, the less collagen it produces to boost elasticity and prevent wrinkling. The neck also contains fewer oil glands, which is why you rarely see acne in that area. You should give it all the moisture you can to prevent premature aging caused by dry skin. It doesn’t have to be your grandmother’s thick cold cream, either. Just use a daily facial moisturizer, preferably a broad-spectrum SPF, on your face and neck in one swoop. I’ve been using the Unseen Sunscreen SPF 50 from Supergoop. (Here are some other SPF recommendations to try out!)  

#3 For the people who pop and pick at their pimples:

Um, same. It's not just a bad habit; it’s a guilty pleasure. I can’t think of anything more satisfying than standing in front of my bathroom mirror while going to town on some blackheads. At one point, it became my nightly routine. Where did that leave me? With more blackheads.

Even though it offers immediate satisfaction, popping and picking at our skin only leads to scarring, irritation, and more transfer of bacteria. If there's a particular blemish I'm fiending to pick, I zap it with a home acne treatment, like these hydrocolloid acne patches from Hero Cosmetics. It blends into your skin so you can wear them whenever, plus it pulls out all the gunk for you. Six hours later, you're given the honor of peeling it off to see what comes out. I promise you it's just as satisfying.

#4 For the people who don’t wear sunglasses: 

 Sunglasses offer more than a shield from the sun and freedom to avoid eye contact in public. They also help protect the delicate skin on our eyelids and under eyes. Since the skin around the eye area gets thinner with age from a decreased collagen production, add unnecessary sun damage into the mix, and we’re asking for wrinkles.

According to Dr. Ron Moy, a dermatologist at MFC Dermatology, “The best way to prevent sun damage in the eye area is by wearing sunglasses to help block the UVA & UVB rays, along with using a skincare product or sunscreen that contains DNA repair enzymes.” DNA repair enzymes can reverse sun damage and boost the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) for thinning and aging skin. Clinical studies have also shown that EFG can improve eye bags due to the stimulation of skin stem cells and collagen.(Dr. Moy has formulated a DNA Renewal Eye Balm ($80) that contains DNA repair enzymes, plus a plant-based EFG. I love it!)

Yes, this is your sign to go buy a new pair of sunnies. You’re welcome.

#5 For the people who throw their wet hair up in a standard cotton towel:

The Vogue Towel Series is glamorous. But, you know what isn’t? The breakage your wet hair endures from being wound up in a cotton towel to dry.  That’s because wet hair is fragile as it is. When you dry with a cotton material, the friction causes damage to your cuticle. It won’t matter what hair treatment you use in the shower, when you dry your hair like this—you’re just asking for frizz and fluff. Instead, gently squeeze or blot the excess water and wrap your hair in a microfiber towel. I use one from a brand called Aquis. The fabric helps absorb water at a quicker pace with the least amount of friction. This is especially important for people with coarse or curly hair to keep frizz under control.  

Recently I’ve been applying a leave-in conditioner in my hair before I wrap it (like the ones below). It activates with the heat under the towel to hydrate, boost shine, and fight frizz.

#6 For the people who haven’t washed their makeup brushes in weeks (or ever):

I’ll tell you this much: If some of us put our makeup brushes under a microscope, it wouldn’t be pretty. The bacteria can result in a major breakout or even worse, an infection.

The good news is you can still be lazy and clean your brushes. The game changer is this Dry n Shape Spa from Sigma Beauty. It’s a 3-in-1 tool that can clean, shape, and dry up to 18 brushes at a time. I like how it includes 7 different textures to get a deeper clean down to each bristle. Use with brush cleaner or soap and water, and hang to dry. As for a Beauty Blender, I’ve heard some people multitask and wash them in the shower. I mean, why not?  

#7: For the people who never throw away old makeup: 

Do you know what doesn’t pair well with winged liner? Pink eye. Just like makeup brushes, tubes and palettes turn into a permanent vacation spot for bacteria over a period of time. According to the FDA, “The shelf life for eye-area cosmetics is more limited than for other products. Because of repeated microbial exposure during use by the consumer and the risk of eye infections, some industry experts recommend replacing mascara 3 months after purchase.” When does the rest of your makeup expire? Here’s the answer.

#8 For the people who peel off gel manicures:

Peeling off a gel manicure is just like popping pimples: A guilty pleasure. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it. The problem with this habit is that it peels the top layer of your nail along with it. Another option is a dip powder manicure that lasts longer than gel. This relatively new technique lasts 3-4 weeks by using a pigment powder to seal in your polish instead of a UV light. Susan Yara and Sharzad Kiadeh tried it on the SASS to give us an inside look:

What are some of your bad beauty habits? Share them below!

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