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Tips to Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer

Tips to Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer

I spent my teens and early 20s trying in vain to tan on the beach. I’m a very fair redhead, so it was pretty much impossible to get any bronze hue to my skin aside from freckles. Not to mention, it was a risky choice for me knowing I’m highly susceptible to skin cancer. Luckily, spray tans can help you get that bronze glow without the sun damage. I was recently invited to get a spray tan (my second ever!) with St. Tropez. So I took the opportunity to ask celebrity spray tanner Sophie Evans for her tips on how to make your spray tan last as long as possible.


If you don’t want any tan lines, expect to strip down to your birthday suit. But this “naked” rule also applies to your skin. Take a shower beforehand to remove any lotion, dirt, and oil off your skin as well as shave any body hair you want to remove. Having squeaky clean skin will help you get the most even tan.


Leave the tan on for the amount of time the brand recommends. Spray tans need time to develop on your skin, so if you rinse them too early, you might miss out on the full effect. In my case, with St. Tropez, Evans recommended I leave it on for three hours before rinsing it off.


Using products like St. Tropez Gradual Tan Watermelon Infusion ($25) will help extend the life of your tan and also help it fade more evenly.


Sweating will make your spray tan fade faster. In my experience, it made my spray tan look a little funky because it faded even faster in the places where I sweat the most. I found that my armpits and my cleavage ended up looking more pale than the rest of my body.


Evans said heavy exfoliators will take your tan off faster, so it would be a good idea to skip these for the first few days. Once you notice your tan start to fade, a little light exfoliation will help it fade more evenly. I just used a basic wash cloth and some body wash.

Watch the video below to see my spray tan experience with St. Tropez!

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