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Eyelash Extensions 101: What You Need to Know

Eyelash Extensions 101: What You Need to Know

I did it. I finally got eyelash extensions. I pushed it off as long as I could, but their powers are strong and I’m weak. Now, I’m just as addicted as I thought I’d be and they’ve completely transformed my beauty routine. 

However, eyelash extensions do have some pretty big cons to consider beforehand: they’re expensive and require a lot of care. Here’s what you need to know before you dive into the world of eyelash extensions.

You need lashes to get lashes.

Eyelash extensions are attached to your real lashes, so you need to already have a good amount of natural lashes in order to get a full lash result. If your lashes are already sparse, then eyelash extensions might not give you the result you want.

Be wary of speedy salons. 

Getting eyelash extensions should not be a quick treatment. A good technician needs time to create a high quality, long lasting result. My technician said it typically takes her between an hour and a half to two hours to apply a full set of lash extensions. My initial appointment took an about hour and 45 minutes.

The style options are endless.

There are so many lash styles, and they each look different on each person. From statement, “vixen” lashes to natural and fluttery lashes, it’s important to tell your technician exactly what you want. I recommend having reference pictures to show your technician to make sure you’re on the same page.

They’re high-maintenance.

So many things change once you have lashes. Sleep on your face? Big no. Use oil-based eye makeup remover? Not anymore. 

Oil-based makeup removers (and oil in general) will cause the glue adhesive to break down, which means less lashes on your eyes and more in your sink. My favorite way to remove eye makeup now is with an oil-free micellar water. I actually use lipstick wands (yup, lipstick wands) to remove eye makeup. They’re perfect because they get close to the lash line and don’t shed or pull out extensions like q-tips do. 

The lashes themselves also need to be cleaned and brushed. If you don’t clean them, you run the risk of bacteria build-up and other nasties infesting the area. 

You’ll feel fabulous. 

Prepare to feel like a million bucks. I finally have lashes as long as my dog and every boy I’ve ever met. (Can we just acknowledge that for a second? Why do boys have the longest lashes? It’s a WASTE. Give them to someone who will appreciate it, someone who will love them, someone like me.)

I got eyelash extensions for the first time at Blinkbar in Los Angeles. Watch this video to see my experience!

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