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How To Maintain Your Summer Glow All Year Round

How To Maintain Your Summer Glow All Year Round


Summer is almost over, can you believe it? Even though I slather myself in SPF, I still managed to achieve a bronze glow from my weekends at the beach. So it should go without saying that I'd like to maintain it. However, I know better than to simply reach for my favorite self-tanner or bronzing powder. To keep a healthy summer glow, it starts with taking extra care of my skin before the temperatures begin to drop. That way, I'll be bikini ready in the case I win a free trip to Ibiza or meet a famous rapper who lets me borrow his yacht. A girl can dream, right?

If you're also not ready to part with your sun-kissed skin from summer, there are some easy skin care tips you should follow ASAP:


We've all heard the rule of never wearing white after Labor Day. Well, I think that's stupid. Here's what it should be: Never skip a weekly exfoliation treatment after Labor Day. That's because as the season begins to change, the air becomes drier and so does our skin. Exfoliating helps slough off the dry skin and brighten up a dull complexion on the face and body. The products you use and how often you use them depends on your skin type.

For the face, it helps to start with a gentle exfoliator that won't strip any natural oils or irritate sensitive skin. Look for products with ingredients like AHA/BHAs and Vitamin C enzymes that give your skin the boost of cell turnover it needs. I use the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser from SkinMedica and since it's gentle, I'm able to use it twice daily. It makes my skin feel instantly rejuvenated and I've noticed my makeup goes on smoother. Susan Yara is a fan of the Ready, Steady, Glow AHA tonic from Ren Skincare, which she also uses daily. Peel pads like the Alpha Beta Universal Peel Packettes from Dr. Dennis Gross and Glow Tonic To-Go from Pixi are also gentle enough with your dry skin in mind.

Some people use a dry brush to slough off dry skin, but I prefer to use a body scrub in the shower. The coffee scrub from Frank Body is my all-time favorite because the caffeine leaves my skin feeling as firm as it does smooth. Plus, the scent perks me up during my morning shower. There are many different ways to scrub your body clean, but whatever you choose, always remember to follow with a moisturizer to lock in those glowing benefits. (Tip: Apply moisturizer after a shower when the room is still steamy. That way it's able to absorb more effectively.)

Invest In A Humidifier

One of the best things I've ever purchased is my trusty humidifier from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It helps my skin stay hydrated and supple during the drier months, and also helps with seasonal allergies. I keep it in my room next to my bed so I can reap the benefits while I'm getting my beauty sleep. Trust me, you won’t have buyers remorse with a humidifier when you can see and feel the benefits.

Self-Tan For Smooth Skin

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by a self-tanner. Most of us have. Thankfully, self-tanning products have come a long way from the messy and skin-drying formulas of our past. The most innovative comes in the form of Tanning Water drops and sprays. The formula itself is clear, but still contains the active tanning agent, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), like all self-tanners do. Except these products also include a variety of nourishing essential oils to moisturize, keep the color fresh, and blur imperfections in the skin. Plus, you won't have to worry about streaks or stained sheets. My personal favorite is the Self-Tanning Water drops and sprays from the brand, Isle of Paradise. The color is buildable and easy to apply I'm able to fit it into my weekly routine. Tan Luxe is another popular self-tanning brand, especially for their Sleep Oil.

Don’t Forget Your Daily SPF

It's easy to remember your SPF when the forecast is 85 and sunny. But just like that pile of dirty laundry hiding in your closet, the sun is still there even if you can't see it. Eighty percent of the sun's harmful UV rays can penetrate through the clouds on the most gloomy days, which unfortunately means that we're at risk for sun damage 365 days of the year. These UV rays can cause collagen damage that speeds up the aging process by decreasing elasticity and moisture in the skin that leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. It's always important to wear a daily broad-spectrum SPF, but when it comes to glowing skin, it's even better if the sunscreen contains an ingredient called niacinamide. It helps to repair DNA on a cellular level to fight damage and produce younger looking skin. In other words, if your SPF doesn't contain niacinamide, you are missing out.

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