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A Celebrity Eyelash Whisperer On The Common Mascara Mistakes to Avoid

A Celebrity Eyelash Whisperer On The Common Mascara Mistakes to Avoid

Image: Lash Star Beauty
Image: Lash Star Beauty

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes are fancy curtains that require major attention. Given how much makeup mavens splurge on mascarafalsies, and all sorts of eyelash-enhancing gadgets, it's clear that fluttery peepers are just as important as flawless foundation.

As we revealed in our recent metallic eyeshadow video, eye makeup isn't one-size-fits-all — even doing your mascara isn't as simple at swiping on a few coats.  That's why we reached out to celebrity makeup artist and eyelash whisperer Tracy Murphy, who's tended to the eyelid tresses of stars like Ashley Graham, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kate Upton.

"Doing lashes right can make a world of difference on a face," Murphy says. "You look more awake, more come hither, more present. It is incredibly flattering on everyone, hands down."

Murphy recently launched Lash Star Beauty (a full line of luxury products ranging from brow pencils and eyeliner to heated lash stylers and even 24k gold-plated curlers) and created her own online lash diagnosis so that even non-celebs can get the same customized treatment as her starry clientele.

Turns out there is a wrong way to apply your mascara, and even we're guilty of making a few of these makeup mistakes (like curling our lashes last, oops). From curler maintenance to the proper method of mascara application, read on for Murphy's top eyelash tips below — then scroll down to watch our latest video on how to get longer lashes with serums.

Why is it equally important to maintain your brows along with your lashes?

Caring for both your lashes and brows is essential. These are the “crowning glory” of your face: a brow frames and punctuates your face. The lashes accentuate your eyes and create the drama and framing of the eye. If cared for properly, you will look pulled together for life!

What’s the No. 1 mistake that people make when curling their lashes?

There are a lot more than just one, but I think the main ones include not knowing which kind of curler is the best to use for your lash type.

When using a metal curler, not having a clean and functioning curler. If there is dried mascara residue, lashes can stick to the curler and get ripped out. (Ouch!) And if you have had the curler for a while, the rubber pad needs to be replaced every few months. The rubber can get sliced open and fragile lash hairs can get trimmed off.

In addition, not practicing and taking time to get every lash in the curler and making the most of this essential tool that can change your lash game! Also, using a metal curler after the mascara has dried is a no-no!

Is there a right or wrong way to use mascara?

Yes, there is. A lot of people use mascara as an afterthought, like when they are done with makeup. I like to put it on as the first thing on the eye, and really get into the root of the lashes and get them styled to perfection. Another big thing is lash direction, I see a lot of people use their wand to pull all the lashes horizontally to the outer corner of the eye, and this is just plain wrong.

Think of the lashes as a starburst with three distinct sections, and coax the hairs in the direction they naturally grow. For example, from the inner corner of the eye, coax hairs to the top of the nose and start of the brow. On center lashes, coax hairs straight up. From the outer corner of the eye, coax hairs out towards the tail of the brow, adding a little extra dab to open the eye.

Who are your current eyelash muses?

I have too many to count, but Debi Mazar is always a glamazon and her lashes are divine!

Check out our latest video on three eyelash serums that can help lengthen your lashes, then tell us in the comments if you've had any experiences with these products.

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