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The Best Beauty Tips we Learned From Our Mothers

The Best Beauty Tips we Learned From Our Mothers

Photo Credit: Popsugar

Photo Credit: Popsugar

Mark your calendars, Mother's Day (May 13th) is right around the corner! To celebrate the women who know best, the Mixed Makeup team is sharing the best beauty tips their mom ever gave them: 

susan yara, founder/producer

My mom is Korean, so skincare is important to her. When I was twelve, I remember going to the Clinque counter with her to get the 3-step system

Anna Fryxell, Producer

My mom has given me two very important beauty tips in my life. The first was to always wear sunscreen—she used to chase me around with it and I hated it. I still hate applying it, but I never leave the house without it. I really wish I was more into it because I definitely spent a lot of time outside without protecting my skin. The second tip was to fill in my eyebrows. I also fought her on this one, but it was just out of fear because I didn’t know how to do them without looking crazy. I only started doing my brows AFTER college and I cringe when I look at all the pictures I took before—I have ZERO eyebrows. How did I ever think that was okay?

courtney cohen, editorial director

Her main platform was to convince my sister and I to stay away from tanning beds. Did we listen? Hell no, and we both regret that now. Maybe if I took my mom's advice, I wouldn't have needed Botox at 27. She also told me to never touch my brows. Instead, I plucked the sh*t out of them by myself until I was left with two thin lines. They have never grown back and she likes to remind me of that. But her #1 piece of advice that I stand by today is to never underestimate the power of makeup as a mood booster. I remember her always putting on blush and mascara, even if we were only hanging around the house. If you look good, you feel good!

Carly Rivlin, ASST. PRODUCER 

My mom was obsessed with thick brows. Thin brows weren’t an option, not that I ever wanted them. She would tell the waxer exactly what to do and would sit in the room with me, watching her like a hawk. This probably explains why I do my own brows now. I'm genetically predisposed to distrust waxers.


If I wanted highlights in my hair, my mother would say HELL NO to Sun-In and give me a lemon instead. Then I would go sit out in the sun. She’d bring out additional lemon halves and tell me to soak my elbows and knees in them to lighten and soften the dark coarse skin in that area. Also, don’t shave above the knee. Not sure if this is a real tip that does anybody any good, but I know how hard it was for me to follow during the summer in my teen years.

Always keep your abs tight, like ALWAYS. Never let your gut lose (insert cry/laugh face emoji) But I will say that this one actually stuck with me for life and I don’t regret it for a minute. Maybe I should credit her with my relatively flat stomach growing up. Oh, and can’t forget Nonna and her cousins in Italy who would tell me to eat more pasta because it makes your skin glow and makes you look younger because it gives your skin more elasticity! Haha, I won’t google that one and just hope it’s the truth!

Hannah Goodbar, INTERN 

My mom used to make me slather my hands in vaseline and put them in plastic bags overnight to get rid of dry skin. It felt so weird, but worked so well! Now I believe vaseline is the key to everything. 

What's the best beauty tip your mom ever gave you? Show her some love and leave it in the comments below! 

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