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My Nose Job with Dr. Dhir: 6 Months Post-Op

My Nose Job with Dr. Dhir: 6 Months Post-Op

It’s been six months since my rhinoplasty (nose job) with Dr. Dhir. Time flies! I can now say that my decision to get a nose job was the best thing I’ve done for myself, so instead of talking about how I look, I want to share how I feel. I didn’t realize how much my emotions would come into play, so let's talk about how I felt then and how I feel now.  

When I told people I wanted a nose job, I got the same reaction: “You don't need one.”  I was always quick to write them off as fluffing my ego, or maybe they were just worried? While I didn’t have a terrible nose, it wasn’t the nose I wanted.

It was the first thing I saw in the mirror and also made taking pictures a nightmare. I never felt comfortable and would fixate on the photo if it captured my "bad side."  Call it a self-esteem issue or vanity, but the look of my nose plagued me. And because I didn’t feel confident, I began to feel like I put myself in a box, and I hated it.

From the beginning, I managed my expectations wisely. Many doctors will offer a computer-generated image to show how the final result will look, but I felt that would only set me up for disappointment. How can you possibly compare yourself to an image that is photoshopped? I knew I wasn't going to wake up from surgery and look like Kim Kardashian or have the perfect button nose. I wanted to look like me, just a better version.

Thankfully, I trusted my doctor. From the first consult, Dr. Dhir and I were on the same page. Not only did he listen, but I felt safe. I put my trust in him to follow our game plan, but also to make decisions for me when necessary. Although I still felt nervous, I never had a doubt. A good doctor is everything, so make sure you do your research and feel 100 percent comfortable with who you choose.

Now, I love the results. But remember,  it's not like you wake up from your procedure instantly more confident and better-looking. That's just not how it works! My confidence grows each day as I grow more comfortable in my  skin. It’s little by little each day. I no longer have as much insecurity about my nose. When it comes to talking to people or taking photos, I've stopped standing and posing on a particular side or angle--which in itself is life-changing.

I have even had people say that my nose looked better before or that I'm uglier now (thank you, YouTube trolls), but I couldn't care less.  I still have my "bad side," but I'm not afraid of it. It’s an amazing feeling to get to a place where someone could say something mean about you, and it not phase you at all. I love my new nose. I can’t believe it’s on my face. I can’t believe it’s mine.

Some things to note about rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Your nose can take an entire year to fully heal and get to the size and shape it’s meant to be after surgery. I had a lot of swelling at the tip of my nose for months.

  • The post-op appointment when you remove your cast is awful and wonderful at the same time. It’s a little painful to remove the cast and the splints in your nose, but once those come off and you take a deep breath--it’s amazing. Then you get to look at your new nose in the mirror and you might even want to cry (hopefully out of joy).

  • Speaking of looking in the mirror--be aware that your nose might not look exactly how you want it to at first. There’s potential for swelling and bruising, so go into it with those expectations. It’s major surgery, so give yourself time to heal.

If you haven’t seen my rhinoplasty surgery video yet, you can watch below!

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